Manicure Monday: Blushing

Victoria's Secret's "Backstage"

Victoria’s Secret’s “Backstage”

Sarah here! For today’s manicure monday post I wanted something soft and romantic. This color, Backstage, is from Victoria’s Secret. Unfortunately, they no longer carry their line of nail polish. It’s sad because they had some really great colors! I’m seriously loving this one right now!

Manicure Monday: Hologram

I just found this awesome holographic top coat from Revlon called holographic pearls and it is mesmerizing! It was really hard for me to capture the crazy sparkle that happens in the sunlight. I put two coats over a silver metallic polish from Sephora and it really makes the sparkle pop. I’m definitely going to be using this top coat all summer!


Manicure Monday: Scorcher

Urban Outfitters Scorcher

Urban Outfitters Scorcher

Sarah here!

I’m about to go on vacation so I wanted a fun, playful manicure this week! I decided to go for an all over glitter polish. This is one of my all time favorite glitter polishes: Scorcher from Urban Outfitters. It covers very well and the larger flecks of glitter are such fun colors! I absolutely love it and it’s perfect for this time of year! It’s just a little reminder that Spring is just around the corner 🙂

Wearing Black in Winter

I started noticing a trend in my buying habits when I used to work at a store where the only clothes you could wear from other stores had to be black. I was on a tight budget so I didn’t like buying clothes that I couldn’t wear to work. Since then, I’ve worked at 2 stores where your clothes have to be all black. My wardrobe now consists of mainly blacks, grays, and other neutrals. I love to wear color, but black always looks good no matter how dressy or casual you make it. I wear black all year round. Today, I put together a couple of outfits to showcase some of the best black pieces in my wardrobe!

Photo Jan 29, 10 10 06 PM

Urban Outfitters Romper, Xhilaration Sparkle Moon & Star Tights, Victoria’s Secret Simply Victoria Strappy Bra, Vince Camuto Boots, Forever 21 Necklace

I bought this romper from Urban Outfitters without even realizing that it was a romper. I was in a hurry and they had 50% off sale and I didn’t feel like trying anything on that day. When I tried it on at home I was very confused by the leg holes until I realized that I just bought the most comfortable item of clothing that I will ever own. I love how the low back can show off your favorite strappy bra. The material is so soft and comfy, but looks great when going out! I have been loving paring it with my sparkly tights and favorite boots!

PINK Cage Pushup Bralette, Old Navy T-Shirt, Nordstrom Leggings, Vince Camuto Boots

I have had this t-shirt for a few years and I knew I had to buy it the moment I saw it. When I got it, I bought it 2 sizes too big so that I could wear it as more of an off the shoulder t-shirt like I’m doing here. It shows off my cage bralette and goes great with jeans or leggings when I’m going to class. It has developed some small holes on the front so I have been tying it in a knot or wearing it tucked into some high waisted jeans. These leggings were a gift; I feel like I wear them every other day. The fit is amazing and they’re thick so they feel like actual pants. They have cool details like seams going down the back and at the knees, as well as elastic panels on the hips.

Photo Jan 29, 10 11 08 PM

TJ Maxx Pom-Pom Top, Xhilaration Skater Skirt, Urban Outfitters Cut-Out Wedges

This is an outfit I wear to work sometimes minus the heels. I found this crop top at TJ Maxx for only $7 and it has adorable tiny pom-poms around the neckline, sleeves, and hem. I will buy almost anything if it has pom-poms on it. A black skater skirt is an essential basic. It’s flirty, but not too sexy for work when I wear it with tights. I can pair this black skirt with almost any other top or sweater in my wardrobe and it goes with everything!

Styling an all black wardrobe is something you can do year-round. I like throwing in pops of color with my lipstick, shoes, jewelry, or a fun cardigan or blazer. How do you rock an all black outfit?? The Babes want to know!