Manicure Monday: Periwinkle and Purple

Emily here! Happy Memorial Day! This week I got my gel polish off and have been experimenting with my long nails and different nail art techniques! I decided to do a sponge ombre using Sally Hansen’s Insta-dry in Set Sail as a base and sponged on Urban Outfitters Blue Jeans. An easy and cute manicure for the summer!

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays even when I was single. I just love all the hearts and flowers and pretty colors. It’s also my favorite time of year to do nail art! There are so many options of what you can do for this lovely holiday so I decided to use 3 different designs so you can either mix them up, like I did, or you can pick one design and stick with it for all your nails.

The final product!

The final product!

1. The first step is your usual nail routine. I file, use cuticle oil,  hand cream, then use a nail cleaner and base coat. 2. I painted a nude color (Ruffian Naked) on my pinkie and pointer finger nails, and a bright orangy-red (Essie Geranium) on my ring nail as the base for my designs.

step 2

3. Using the same red as I used on the solid nail, I created hearts on my middle and thumb nails. This usually works best if you have pointier nails.

step 3

4. I started painting flower-shaped blobs on the nude nails with the same red.

step 4

5. I used a darker red to add some shadow to the flower-blobs. I used OPI Lost on Lombard. I also painted on some smaller flowers with that color.

step 5

6. I used my favorite magenta color (Essies Too Taboo) for additional flowers, as well as accents in others. 7. With a hot pink, or slightly lighter pink (Urban Outfitters Hottub) I highlighted the magenta flowers


Step 6 & 7

8. Using a pastel pink (Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Pink Blink) I created even more highlights within all the flowers. 9. Add small leaves with a green (Revlon Top Speed in Emerald)


Step 8 & 9

10. Using a white polish with dotting tool or nail pen add centers too all the flowers as well as polka dots to the solid red nails. I used a dotting tool and NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in French White. 11. Add your favorite top coat and you’re all set!

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo Emily