Manicure Monday: Periwinkle and Purple

Emily here! Happy Memorial Day! This week I got my gel polish off and have been experimenting with my long nails and different nail art techniques! I decided to do a sponge ombre using Sally Hansen’s Insta-dry in Set Sail as a base and sponged on Urban Outfitters Blue Jeans. An easy and cute manicure for the summer!

Manicure Monday: Spring Flowersure

This week Emily did a floral and ombre manicure just in time for spring! 

I decided to use 5 different shades of pastel blues/greens as my base. From left to right it is: Wet n’ Wild in Bird Bath, Covergirl in Skylight, Essense in You Belong to Me, American Apparel in Office, and Covergirl in Mint Mojito. Then, I used a white polish with a dotting tool to create little white dasies and used an orangey yellow in the centers!

Manicure Monday: Copper Gray-dient

Gradient/ombre manicures are probably my favorite because they can create cool effects and look chic, but are so easy to do! This week I decided to try using a metallic polish and making it fade into a non-metallic polish. 

I used Essie’s Penny Talk and combined it with Saks Fifth Avenue Red Brand in Ambition. I love how it makes the polished copper color look almost tarnished. I created this look by putting 2 coats of Penny Talk on then waiting for it to dry completely. I used a makeup sponge and applied Ambition directly to the sponge then applied thin layers to my nails. I waited for each layer to dry completely before applying the next layer. By layering the polish and moving down your nail each time you apply a new layer, it makes the polish thicker towards your tip, creating a gradient. I chose to make this a little messier than usual because I liked how it looked in contrast with the pretty copper color.